The nude lips trend is very wearable by day and very elegant by night. They are really cool way to give yourself a natural look and still look stunning plus you can wear them day or night. If you’ve not gotten in on the nude lip trend yet, you’re really missing something.
The catch, however, is that you must know the right ways to create pretty nude lips. You don’t want to end up looking strange, do you?
Here are some cool tips for creating the perfect nude lips: for pale or fair skin, the peachy/pinkish tones are the best fit and if you have a medium or dark skin, the warm tones as well as peachy beiges are good for you.
The white or pale tones are a very tricky area; if you’re on the darker side, stay away!
Shade Matters
Creating the perfect nude lips
Not every shade of nude lipstick is for you; don’t just pick something that catches your fancy or something you saw on someone else.
The right shade of nude lipstick depends largely on your skin tone. You don’t want to look sick, do you?
With nude lipstick, flakes and ridges are often more obvious. Exfoliating your lips help to make the application of your lipstick smoother.
You can easily exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush but make sure you’re doing it gently and do it regularly too.
Use concealer.
Apply concealer around your lips and on your lips in order to achieve perfect nude lips result. Preferably, the concealer should be the same shade as your skin tone. This will neutralise unnecessary redness around your mouth and your lipgloss won’t easily enter into little lines around the mouth. The color of your lipstick will also look truer with this technique. And remember, blending is the key! (If you don’t like the idea of concealer, apply a lip primer instead.)
Get the Right Lip Liner
Make sure you use lip pencil that is the same shade as your nude lipstick. The right shade will be good base for your lipstick and give your lips a more defined look.
Find something that is soft and creamy to help your lipstick last longer
Apply with Your Fingers
For some reason, nude lipstick often looks flaky and a bit leaky when applied directly with a brush or directly from the tube.
For best results, apply it with your fingers; it makes a huge difference; it looks smoother, softer and lasts longer. If you’ve never tried it, please do. You’ll be surprised at how it works.
Gloss is Good

Creating the perfect nude lips
A shiny finish to your nude lipstick is never a bad idea. It’s best to choose nude lipstick with a moisturizing formula and if you’re wearing matte, use lipgloss to add that shiny finish.
Shine on!




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