The workplace has become more modern over the years and this has not left fashion behind but in the midst of all these, most conventional offices are still quite conservative in their expectation of what a lady should wear to the workplace. This means that a balance must be struck between contemporary fashion and the conventional workspace.
Here are some useful tips:
Colour is not an issue
There really isn’t any colour that is not acceptable as something that cannot be worn to the office any more. As long as your outfit is styled for work, the colour is not a problem.
Shine with accessories
The easiest ways to introduce colour or change a work look is with accessories. A pair of patterned or a printed belt can make a big difference on a simple outfit.
Minimal makeup is still the best
The best policy is still to keep makeup at a minimum at the office. You can use bright lipstick but that’s about it; don’t go too heavy on makeup if you want to be taken seriously.
Shoe choices should be wise
Closed-toe shoes are still the best for work-mode especially if you work in a really conventional workplace. Closed-toes are also better if you going for low-heeled or flat shoes.
For sandals and peep-toes, it is better to wear something with heels.
If you’re wearing really high heels, make sure you have the confidence to carry them well.
Showing off is allowed
You can wear colours and patterns as long as you balance it out. An otherwise plain blazer with a little pop of colour, a printed dress with a black blazer or some interesting jewellery can showcase your personality without crossing the lines of what is appropriate.

If you don’t get yourself to look good at the workplace, who will!

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