The screening that involved various clubs from different states of Nigeria ended today with many coaches looking forward to 2017 to come to Abuja with the hope of having some of their players chosen.
Meanwhile the players selected are looking forward to foreign invitations for trials.
The members of Mr DD’S Academy felt bad that they were not allowed to show themselves during the trail but Mr DD as the organizer is fondly called told his academy that “it is not about us, you have me all the time and some of our players have travelled without putting to test in talent hunt like this . You have me and I know you are there but we must look around the country that we may give opportunity to others and they may have what we don’t have in our team. Remember it is not about us it is about doing the right thing.” According to Mr DD, there is a great feature for football in Nigeria and the whole thing should not be travelling abroad to play we shall also from next year bring out a football package in Nigeria that set the nation into loving Nigerian football and generating income for the nation and the people. We shall involve state Governors and encourage football investment among Nigerian business men this he wishes to accomplish with his European partners.

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