Manchester City ace Sergio Aguero has been dumped by four-year girlfriend Karina Tejeda, just days after the striker was involved in a car crash in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Sun revealed on Sunday that the Tejeda split with Argentina international following an argument over a party he attended in his homeland at which several models were present.

The 29-year-old is said to have drifted from his other half a little while before attending the event.

Aguero is expected to be out for a number of months following suffering a broken rib after he was involved in a car crash on Thursday night when his taxi crashed into a lamppost on the way back from a concert.
Tejeda only found out about the crash via an Argentine news reporter. The Sun claim the forward has been trying to woo back the pop star by liking a series of the 31-year-old’s pictures on Instagram.

Whilst on a TV cooking show in Argentina, when asked about the matter she stated:
“From the start I didn’t say many things. And I feel really good for having done it that way. Today I don’t want to tell anything. People think I’m angry but I’m not. I’m very well.




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