The party is over, that bell has finally tolled for Claudio Ranieri… whatever line you want to use from last season that has now been completely inverted, not even this story could evade football’s own bottom line. It is sad.
One of the sport’s greatest achievements, a fantastically endearing tale that was supposed to defy so many of the capitalistic trappings of the modern game, has merely reinforced just how brutal football is in the fiercest way. Not even its closest equivalent to a life-affirming miracle could grant a stay of execution.
All of that means, from a sentimental and emotional perspective, Leicester City’s decision is an unbelievably harsh and maybe even unfair decision. Bambi, to borrow former Newcastle United chairman Freddy Shepherd’s phrase, has been shot.
Is it harsh or unfair from a purely football or logical perspective, though? That’s a lot more difficult to say - if not quite as difficult as Ranieri might have found it to keep Leicester up.
The bottom line with this team is that something was fundamentally broken within it.
Something therefore had to change. While this doesn’t mean the players should be absolved, the reality of football - not to mention its legal structures - ensure it is much easier to just get rid of the manager. That will become all the clearer when you’re drastically running out of time, as Leicester are.




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