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There’s been some relapse in giving you latest update in technology around the globe. We deeply apologize, but hey, Hurraaay…. We are back with the best for you.
Today we’ll talk a little bit about Windows 10 Some people are still skeptical about windows 10 even when there has been some great improvement on the part of Microsoft.
We’ll dissect the issues experienced while using Windows 10 and the best ways, tips and tricks to overcome windows 10 troubles.
WINDOWS UPDATE: The default automatic update implemented by Microsoft on the Windows 10 operating system is a huge concern to many users and one of the major reasons you find it difficult to upgrade to windows 10 but worry not, I’m here to give you best tricks to tackle this issue. If you want to turn off automatic windows update in windows 10
1. Press Windows key +  R,
2. Type “gpedit.msc” and press enter
3. Scroll to computer configurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsWindows Update
4. Locate the “Configure Automatic Updates” setting on the right pane and double click
5. Set it to “Enabled” and select your preferred setting
6. Save the change.  You are done!
CORTANA PERSONAL ASSISTANT: Microsoft wanted something better and much flexible for its users by implementing cortana, a local/web search for PC in windows 10 but cortana is only effective if you have single partition of your C:  drive, meaning some of us with multiple partition of our drive won’t enjoy this awesome search technique. To fix this;
1. Locate control panel and open
2. Click on the Windows Icon
3. Select Indexing options
4. Go to Modify
5. Select the drive(s) you want cortana to search
6. Click ok and we are done!
EDGE BROWSER: Some of us that enjoys browsing have gotten used to Firefox and the likes using google as our default home page. The edge browser that came with the windows 10 is quite awesome but utilizes bing as its default search engine which doesn’t seem easy to change to our preferred Google home but here how we can go about that
1. On your address bar, visit then click the three dots at the top right directly under the close icon
2. Click Settings then “ View Advanced Settings”
3. Scroll to “Search in the address bar with”
4. Click the box
5. Google will appear then select it.
QUICK ACCESS IN FILE EXPLORER: Some of us have gotten accustomed to viewing our drives immediately we open file explorer but it doesn’t seem like that in the new windows 10. To restore it back to what you are quite used to,
1. Open the file explorer
2. Click View tab
3. Select options
4. On the general tab
5. Open file explorer
6. Then select This PC
Like I said, we are fully back to tackle all your PC, desktop, and phone problems…… Please feel free to add the issues you are experiencing on the list and we will not hesitate to fix it up for you as soon as possible.

We are here for you and solving your technical issue is our utmost priority




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