Online Introduction:
Slots are similar to offline slot machines installed in casinos and gaming zones. In offline slots you push a button on the machine to win your reward, on the other hand you need a mouse click to perform same function virtually to claim your bonus and other specials.
You can play online slots through online casinos also referred as virtual casinos because you can play it virtually, does not matter where you are locating. Online casinos help gamblers to play and bet on games online. Online casinos usually offers payback percentages which are often higher than the non-virtual casinos. The payout percentages are adjusted as per the rules of game. Virtual casinos usually buy or rent their software from reputable companies like International Game Technology (IGT), Microgaming (a leading software development company), CryptoLogic (considered among pioneer in online casino industry).
Online slots are offered by casinos offering online gaming services to its users. There are two types of casinos offering such services:
• Web based Casinos:
In web based casinos players are not required to download gaming software to their personal computers. Users need to use Java, HTML, Macromedia flash for playing web based casino games. Apple devices are not yet compatible to above mentioned interfaces so users having iPhone, iPad cannot use the feature of web based casinos.
• Download based Casinos:
In contrast to web-based online casinos, download-based casinos require users to download software to play and bet on the games of their choice. It is quite faster than web-based casino but there is also a chance of malware while downloading software on your PC.
Online Casino Games:
In online casino games, the result of every game relies on the data generated by pseudorandom number generator (PRNG). It generate numbers based on the mathematical instructions provided to it known as algorithm.
Types of Online Slots:
Online slots have many typesdepending upon the working and nature of each slot, few are mentioned below.
• Multiplier slots:
These slots appears to be good in making good returns again every spin but do not offer any additional offers to you for playing maximum bet on every spin.

• Bonus feature slots:
Bonus feature slots are providing you an opportunity to get bundle of cash prizes or free spins.
• Progressive online slots:
These are the slots everybody wish to play with as it gives huge bonus and return upon win.

• Bonus Multiplier Online Slots:
These slots are meant for those who want to gain maximum bonus on each spin. Like if you bet one coin per spin in return two coins and you will get eight coins against your bet of three.
Benefits of Online slots:
We are going to mention few benefits of choosing online slots rather than land-based slots. As a matter       of fact land based slots are also meant for those who have direct and easy access to that casino but in case    of online slot games, no matter where you are you have an access to your virtual casino to enjoy and earn money as and when you want.




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