—Whatsapp Unlimited Notification from Group Chats (Both relevant and irrelevant messages) and PM
The most annoying part of being in a group where it looks like everybody their have what to contribute in the group even when it is necessary and when it is not, most times you will like to be in such group due to one or two reasons but you have more reason to think it twice, at a point you feel like the only the option is to either leave the group or turn off notification, eventually you turn off notification and discover you can’t follow the chat, you end up scrolling without reading the chat word by word because of the long chain of discussion going on in the room and you eventually miss out of the information in the middle of the of the conversation. Well this is quite annoying.

—Auto download of media like images thereby adding unnecessary images or file to your gallery.
Most people in whatsapp share media contents for different reasons, most times it is common in whatsapp groups where you get to see friends or folks that prefer to upload media content maybe to provoke you or to amuse you, everybody probably don’t have to ignite their fantasy from the same thing, some people react positively while some just don’t like it. Data subscription especially when you get to be on the mercy of Internet Service Providers, maybe you recharged your phone and got lucky to be rewarded with 15MB then someone share’s these images maybe 5 of which is upto 1mb or less and ofcourse it auto downloads into your phone, that’s enough problem for me when am trying to survive and manage the little I have. In the phone galley you get to see images you never asked for or wanted.

—Unavoidable Update of LAST SEEN.
Everybody knows the last time you were online.

—Always Online Everybody gets to know when you are online both people you don’t want them to know. It makes people think you are lazy or useless.
Most time I feel like not disclosing my availability to some people or friends because you are avoiding them or because you want them to believe you have been busy with some other things, in some cases you get to be queried by maybe your GF or BF because you failed to chat with them and most time it leads to quarrel.

—You can’t Change your Profile picture
No freedom in changing your DP especially when you are trying to express Love or something when One of friend is celebrating bday etc

—Anybody can save your profile picture without your permission.
There are just some pictures we just want to have without sharing, atleast we can show everybody on our dp but not sharing it. Whatsapp Dev probably didn’t bother much about copyright permission.

Some of your whatsapp contact who barely chat you up and are always online they eventually feel they can impress or make you notice them by adding your number to their whatsapp Broadcast list then you read anything they broadcast whether you like it or yes.




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