Most times, our android phones and tablets tend to develop lagging issues which are caused as a result of bugs that may have been contacted through the sites we visit and so on.
Now, you would want to format your phone using the easy method by going to settings, then proceeding to factory settings to restore your phone back to its factory settings.  Doing that would lead to loss of all data including phone numbers, messages, music, pictures, videos and other important data stored on the internal storage of the device. 

Let’s get right to it… 

* Backup of files in the internal storage: You would need an SD card that has a lot of memory space, it can be that of 8gb,16gb or 32gb depending on the size of the internal storage. It should contain a lot of free space, preferably it can be empty. It should then be inserted into the device, then you proceed to storage, then enter the internal storage where most data are contained, you are now to mark all the folders and move them to the SD card, in doing this, you would be able to save all data that contains your music, pictures, whatsapp messages, etc. 

* Phone contacts & messages: This tend to be the major reason why people do not want to format their phones.  Well, your worry is over… To preserve your info, you’ll need to download an app from playstore called SMS backup and restore,  which you’ll install on your device that would enable you backup your your phone logs and messages in both your mail and file storage. This would enable you restore them back to the device after the format occurs. You can also preferably move all your contacts to the SIM cards present in the device. lalasticlala, pictures are attached below…

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