Today is the world of science and technology and people are feeling at ease because science has made it possible to access each and everything while you are lying on bed. Just think of people living few hundred years ago and their way of life and the luxuries they had at that time and then compare it with the current world. We can see a massive change. It was a time when people used to cover distances either by walk or camels and now we have bullet trains covering miles in minutes. Kings of old times had artists to make their images taking days and months to complete a single painting and any single error could take their lives, but in today’s world photography is not a problem. Your picture is just a single click away. Now people have latest cell phones of different brands with excellent features of capturing images.
Photography had seen multiple phases of growth, it was first introduced when pin hole camera concept was introduced many centuries ago and then this idea led to the development of big flash cameras for taking black and white photos and later on digital cameras with low pixels were replaced by high megapixel cameras and DSLRs which are quite famous and are being used by photographers. Today’s photo capturing devices are portable, high in speed, performance and have excellent resolution forcing developers to think and bring more innovation.
‘Future of capture’ is bright and shine and more and more innovations are expected to give more color to photography. High resolution digital cameras, cell phones are being launched by big technology giants on regular basis. We buy a camera and later we hear that a new model has been released. Similarly different software programs are also dependent on photography like photoshop to edit and give picture a cool look.
Photography is now an important aspect of everybody’s life. It is used to capture memories, special events and in a broader sense it is an important part of newspapers and magazines. Every news and interviews are supported by relevant pictures of the event to make news more charming and attractive.
Photography has given new life to film, television and fashion industry and has made it more fascinating. New generation is getting inspired and attracted by glamour and charm of showbiz industry and is compelling them to make it a career. Future of capture is bright and yet more to come in this field in terms of innovation and creativity.

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