As it have been flying around in Whatsapp and groups and private chat lately about how Facebook will post all the conversation of Whatsapp users on their Facebook page i.e on fb (Facebook) newsfeed due to the newly added function on the recent Whatsapp app update, the function is said to have a feature that will permit Facebook to post all the conversation of all the WhatsApp users on fb.
I am not a developer or staff at Facebook but I think I understand this feature better according to the help note stated below this feature on the App. The feature only allows or permits Facebook System to use the keywords in your conversation that is using a particular search algorithm to get those keywords thereby providing you with relevant ads (adverts) on your Facebook page. You are only left with the option of allowing them do this by leaving the function which by default is allowed but if you wish not to allow them, goto settings, click Accounts then unselect the box below. NOTE you have this function once as soon as you unable this function the feature is permanently disabled such that you can’t change it in the future for now.




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