Either it is locked or not, you can control YouTube
If you are user of the Apple product, then you have something good from Apple coming down your way. The company brought something that has always been on Android devices. What may that be?
When you are playing a video on YouTube with your mobile device either an iPhone or iPad, then every time you have to unlock the device in order to fast forward or rewind the YouTube video, all that pain and stress is gone.
According to google, the update that came on Thursday said it is not limiting its new feature to chrome cast alone, but users now have an opportunity to control their YouTube playbacks on their smart TV’s and other gaming consoles they own.
With this update, you can also control your YouTube on your paired Apple watch that controls your mobile device. For Android users, they have always controlled their mobile device despite the fact that is locked.
This upgrade came as a result of iPhone users complaining about the pain they go through unlocking and locking their mobile device.




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