The Worker is his work, and the work depicts the worker. The ‘’Pride of the worker in his work is the determinant of the ‘’marks’’ achievable. The output of the service of a worker like every inspirational engagement comes from within. If the service rendered is incoherent or commensurately intangible, it purports a mismatch between a worker and his work reflecting absence of job satisfaction. Squeezing oneself to a job for financial reasons alone, therefore may back fire in moments of job pressure or other subsequent experience of exigency factors in times least expected.  Blending what one enjoys doing with the responsibility of doing it for a pay, is a spark of efficiency and ignites ‘job satisfaction’. When one is yet to settle for a job therefore, he /she should consider ‘’such job appetite’’ and when job pressure may be triggered. You are already into it and no alternative escape route of engagement, caution is the word. Let the flow lead the feel. Or else you may be working to exhaustion. It is a matter of ‘’Pride in the job, that’s how the marks can be made’’. A worker is his work, if you must make your marks.




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