TEACHING - a Profession that is nothing less that NOBLE. There are the literal ‘’IRON THAT SHARPENS IRON’’.
Every other professions are subject to it. Bloggers, Doctors, Lawyers and even politicians who allocate our resources derived their tutelage and consequent experience from them {Teachers}, but no one ponders on their silent but excruciating predicament.
‘’TEACHERS REWARDS ARE IN HEAVEN’’ – they have accepted and relied to fate, but their must survive to take of us and our Children, so that our future will not elude us.
Others are daily agitating for jumbo pay, but the meagre they receive is JUMBO for them.
They are doing the work with sincerity of purpose.
I know a primary school teacher.
He taught me in primary 6, ‘’fire-brand I call him’’.
Almost thirty years after, he has nothing to show; same old foot and body wears. The same old house, with corrugated sheet, though, but hitherto un-plastered.
The painted picture may be different in your locality but I bet you, the margin may not be much.
They Pride has been caged. 
Even those drilled to become assets have abandoned them and are really no more giving them commensurate attention.
Even leaders who became what they are make policies that not only disfavour them but even silence them, while they watch those dullards their struggled to make human beings drive in exotic jeeps and live in mansions, while they continue to live in penury.

What a frog-jump profession? While others continue to exert treasonable silence over their matters, it behoves on ‘’Service Pride & Marks, to say; ‘’TEACHERS ARE GREAT – NO CONTROVERSY’’




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