Service could only come out with quality if the givers are equipped with series of activities that could strengthen their knowledge, abilities, skills and of course behaviours. There is no gain repeating the fact that a sustainable development will be ignited and sustained and the motion of speed without screech. When we build a worker’s capacity it pre- disposes him/her to development of conditions that allow him to form or enhance existing knowledge and skills. Definetely, the worker renders his assigned services in a more productive means which will assist to increase per capita income to serve as a gauge for the entire tier of government. It is unequivocal that the worker, no matter the sector will become more reliant on self to meet up with official and private competing family needs. Suffice it to say that capacity if built on a worker will upgrade his/her service delivery and bring confidence in oneself and professional field, thereby making him a master. Capacity will reduce the level of crime as their minds are diverted to fruitful ventures. Are we getting it right?




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