With the litany of allegations of fraud levelled against former President Goodluck Jonathan and wife, as well as some of his high ranking Ministers, one would expect that like the biblical harlot, He would be stoned ‘once sighted’ for his avalanche of sins especially when Nigerians are suffocating in an excruciating pangs of economic recession, which APC government has alleged was caused by his years of corrupt governance.
Ironically, GEJ’s appearance in the public anytime, since his hand-over is usually greeted with rousing welcome even in the heart of Buhari’s home.
I watched keenly how the former president received a rousing welcome when he made his entrance into the Eagle Square, venue of the PDP non-elective convention Saturday with the crowd chanting solidarity songs and slogans.
This was not the first. It happened in Katsina, Sokoto and other Northern States where reports had it that major roads were practically blocked by crowds to welcome the former President.
Nowayo news early this year ran a report of how artisans and residents in Nigerian major cities have continued to leave but live with Posters of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s campaign posters, two {2} years after leaving office on their shops and residential houses possibly due to good memories of GEJ.
For a discerning and unbiased mind; the APC Government should be woken up to face the realities of working harder to erase an old memory which are believed to be questioning the potency of the APC Policies for the Change it sings.

To be continued……………




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