Professionalism and dedication could spur wonderful output when properly managed. It will, better when two or more Professionals merge their expertise. ‘’Two good Heads are better than one’’ they say. The onerous task of serving the Public is better discharged when it is viewed as a joint venture. If it could take a decade to accomplish a task, with a combined and organised effort, tangible results could be achieved in years with lesser stress. Service effectively rendered by one, are multiplied when another is joined or co - opted. The burden of meeting the expectations of service receivers is reduced to mere pleasure or leisure, when two similar or related workers offer their best from their unique extremes. For instance; The Nigeria Police is saddled with the responsibilities of protecting lives and property. The Federal Road Safety Corps is also to ensure protection of lives, and reduction of death tendencies especially on our Highways. Their schedules are related but independent. When they view their operations as symbiotic, performance and output blossom and all of us are better off. When they see themselves as rivals or those who operate on each others’ throat, suspicion sets in while harmony disappears. This is a perfect sample that could engender ‘’Pride in service and the marks of the efforts’’ only if it is obeyed.




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