Medical Doctors are revered all over the world.
Nigerian Doctors are pacesetters in the field.
The Pride in the career is un-detachably intertwined in its selfless disposition at all times.
But an undetected –cancer-like attitude is growing and gradually eating the image of a vocation that is also god-like. ‘’INITIAL DEPOSIT’’ is the cancer.
In a Nation where over sixty percent of its population cannot have their three square meals a day, situations of emergencies mostly as it affects patients or disaster victims are no longer respected.
Instances have been reported where patients and other victims are subjected to abandonment in hospitals unless they provided their ‘’initial deposit’’.
Samples had also been given of emergency patients giving up the ghosts because their relatives and sympathizers could not gather required amount to derive medical attention in their rescue. There is a constant erosion of the pride in the noble profession and the marks that could have gone with it due to the professional cancer of ‘’Initial deposit’’.
Government, and only it, could be the redeemer.
Accessible Health insurances scheme, that could be availed to the poor and the less privileged should be formulated as a revival measure against the despicable trend.
For truth, initial deposit is imposing a trauma, and rescue-able lives arebeing lost.

For Nigerian medical Association, - Rest not on your oars for your hard garnered image is at stake. Others may be vocation, but ‘’YOURS IS A CALLING’’. Obey it.




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