In the microcosm of the tiny office of where we operate from as bloggers, the feeling of a broad and equal representation of almost every segment of the country is powerfully respected. I mean, virtually every ethnic group is represented.
No puzzle, challenge or question of belief or custom caught us stranded. It seemed ‘’a convergence of sound and united minds with a common purpose, though with a divergent disposition abinitio.
We all are pursuing a common cause and we are striving courageously to discharge our social responsibility function as though our entire lives depended on it. Everyone is bringing the best from his unique background and I bet you we are succeeding.
There is no gain saying the fact that if every state is fairly represented at the federal, the gain will definitely be monumental. Situations where one segment usurps what belong to others with no apologies is simply suicidal to the growth of the country.
It will be accurate and apt to tap from all the regions or divide to ensure equity, justice and fair play as well as ground breaking strides through joint effort.
The strength in our unity lies in our diversity.

Let everyone’s share be protected and be maximally used for the sake of all.




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