Government at all levels annually map out huge sums of money to cushion the environmental challenges of each tier.
Political appointees and civil/public servants alike have fallen victims of political heads sledge-hammer in a bid to keep everyone on toes to ensure that the sanitary nature of our environment is uplifted.
To the sanitary workers whose duty it is to uphold the environment, it is leisure.
As usual they do more than their best to sustain the environment by discharging their schedule with marks.
Despite the filthy nature of the streets, garbage bins and dump sites, the sanitary worker dedicatedly swoop on the refuse and clean them, with the courageous expectation that before day break the refuse heap will re-surface.
For the Residents; it is the work of the sanitary worker to clean it.
Whether the refuse is dumped or littered away from designated refuse dumps or not, ‘’he should pack it’’.
Whether there is a risk check against disease outbreak or not, he was hired to clean it.
Wastes are therefore dumped carelessly without pity on its controllers.
But the worker defies every impediment and lives up to his task and continues to sustain the aesthetics of the city in patriotism.
As the Public continue to discourage the workers through an uncooperative attitude, the worker is spurred the more as he discharges his onerous task with ‘’Pride and Marks’’.
Let’s give it to them for those who are doing it right.
For those who are yet to, ‘’Wake up!




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