The political scenario in Ebonyi is gradually becoming more tense by the day. Political analysts who spoke to Nowayo news, have all confirmed it too.
A retired Permanent secretary in the Ebonyi State civil service who spoke on the condition of anonimity believes, it would be a battle of titans, with the immediate past governor of the state, Chief Martin Elechi having pinched his tent with the All Progressive Congress, APC, a party believed to be in control of virtually all the security apparatuses in the state and calls the shot from the Nation’s capital; a connection which permutors say was succesfully tested in the recent APC rally in the state.
The incumbent , Engr, Dave Umahi, others say may never be a walk over, judging from the uncommon political dexterity he exhibited in the 2015 general elections which saw him having a landslide victory even against the then incumbent and boss, moreso when he now wields the power of incumbency which puts him accessible to several privileges and immunities.
Whichever way the pendulum swings, especially as the All Progressive Congress, APC, organises its rallies Nowayo news wishes to harp on the need for a crises free politicking and urges heavyweights at both sides of the political divide; PDP and APC, to charnel their lionist dispositions and connections towards uplifting the living standard of the populace who hitherto living in penury and hunger, with many parents not being able to afford three square meals for their children talkess of sending them to school.
As the two; Elechi and Umahi, lock horns in fight for victory and supremacy, especially as 2019 fastly draws closer, they should remember the good old days they shared, the common dream the proposed for Ebonyi people, its workers and generation in focus.
They should remember the mandates that jointly brought them from obscurity to fame, ab initio, and the strength of the givers of same mandate {the electorates} as decision making moment fastly approaches one more time.

They should take time to ponder wether in the years spent, they really lived to the expectations of the electorates whose mandates they were and still propelled by, even to possible intoxication.




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