Hundreds of pensioners in Ebonyi State assembled Friday, to seek for God’s face in prayers over arrears of pensions allegedly owe them by the state government.
The prayer session which took place at the State Staff Development Center, Abakaliki featured praises, worship and Prayers to invoke God’s mercy and intervention in what they called ‘endless screening exercise without pay for the pensioners as well as Government’s decision to pay only twenty percent of their total retirement benefit, which they say is a form of good bye tomorrow.
A pensioner who pleaded anonymity told Nowayo News that state government’s decision to pay only twenty percent of their total benefit was unacceptable to them as many had already been sentenced to early death with the pronouncement.

On the question of whether the union had made any official representation to the state government on the matter, the pensioner retorted; ‘’Which representation? I am telling you that they don’t care. What they want us to do is to be moving from one screening to the other for screening, while many of us are dying. But today, we know, God will answer us to touch their minds’’




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