The POOLICE is your friend, no controversy. I have witnessed several rapid responses from the police in situations of emergencies which convinced me to be believe, they are.
That there are officers and men of the police force who are conscious of their image and reputation is a truth that cannot be debated. Nigerian Police unfortunately is one of the mostly reported security agencies in the world especially when it has to do with negative attitudes.
Instances abound where the Nigerian Police officers recorded unrivalled breakthroughs in their responsibilities of maintaining peace, law and order. History and available records have revealed that Nigeria Police has an edge above their colleagues and contemporaries elsewhere in the world. Many had lost their lives in the course of discharging their onerous and patriotic task of protecting lives and properties.
Others have wrongfully been dismissed or jailed for offences that they may not have deliberately committed, but as a result of oversight which attends every profession and effort. The truth is that ‘our Police have done well’. The ravaging cancer, on her IMAGE however is the ‘’ALLEGED BRIBERY ATTITUDE’’. Times without number, new Inspector General of Police had come and in an exuberance of their fresh appointment, pronounced ban and removal of all road blocks, replacing same with committed patrol teams. At a blink, they resurface, to the chagrin of an already applauding public. In years past, issues of bribe giving and taking were done in some-what obscure attitude. It is disheartening that currently those who are involved in these obnoxious acts do so openly, with authority and Pride. On our Highways it is a free practice. At our Police Stations, ‘BAIL IS FREE’ is merely a slogan to be echoed by men of the force only when they are facing the PRESS. BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION is alive and it is eating deep into the system, raising lots of integrity questions on the POLICE and eclipsing their hard earned strides. Many are into it, as many are against it. WHICH FINGER THEREFORE IS TOUCHED WITH THE OIL? There is an urgent need to identify who is involved. For the habitual bribe GIVERS, who turn around to blame the Police, they must remember, that it could only take a giver for a receiver to remain and thrive in his actions.





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