When Nowayo’s Publisher came up with a restriction order banning all sorts of publication of terrorist acts or even government strategies to avert same, everyone in the Editorial desk gave it a shrug. What does this man mean?, some of us asked.
If any other reason, does not appeal to him, could it also mean he is unaware of the measure of traffic, terrorist stories may bring to our site? We grumbled silently like every employee whose organisation’s in-house policy does not interest.
A man who had transverse almost all the continents of the world, and who should know the benefits of helping the government’s propaganda machinery to drive these self seeking agents to abyss? I asked myself again.
I remember a story on ISIS which we decided to publish due to what we thought had a hit-back effect on the sect, in a matter of minutes; he had called to direct it should be pulled down. ‘LET’S KEEP THEM IN THE DARK, HE SCREAMED! We obeyed and pulled it away from the panel.
As days rolled by we began to draw closer to some realities, many of which were self explanatory on the position of our BOSS. He may be right, though, we began to whisper to ourselves.
He had always told us that when you publicize them, you give them relevance and they will continue in whatever non-sense.
A group that desperately seeks for attention and recognition even to the point of wasting human lives which can only be given by God should be kept in the dark.
If they are popular, by their activities, even to the detriment of every one of us, then it is virtually our own making. ‘We give them the light, they shine by it, and see the way through, to strike again. It is our making.
When government and the military decide to implement their policies and strategies against terrorism first through the media, possibly to show they are working, then the ‘evil geniuses had been shown an escape route, and my Publisher is ‘DEAD-RIGHT’.
When the media; Social or Conventional, remain awash with stories of how terrorists give us un-revenged blows, by taking innocent lives including those of our most beautiful soldiers, we are telling them how pained we are, and as sadists, they will surely visit again to inflict fresh pain on us.
I have even come to marvel, at the irrationality of a journalist sneaking out information from their ‘HELL’ and instead of such information to be professionally bisected for re-appraisal action, both the journalist, his means, the message and its content in entirety will become topic of public discourse.
If we must win the war on terrorism, the government and the governed must take a hard look on what really gives them their undeserved strength.
It may possibly not lie in the sophistication of their weapons.
If they have any information to give to the rest of us, we should accept it any time it comes and must be died thereafter.
Any subterranean arrangements to strike an unholy deal with them, possibly to secure the release of those in their captivity, should as a matter of policy remain secret.
Let us not give them the wings to fly to their evil destination.
LET THEM REMAIN IN THE DARK PLEASE!  And surely, we would have demystified the source of their strength.





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