You Are Certainly In Danger (YACID)  

Whatever this woman must have done she certainly deserved a fair hearing. From what we could gather as answers to questions from the crowed, she is from Umueka in Imo state, was given a ride in a vehicle with 3 other men who told her they had two million Naira which they got from a victim who is now dead. With the shouting from the mob which included “you have ran out of luck” it obviously is difficult to understand the actual situation but people should not take laws into their hands and women especially should beware of free rides. You Are Certainly In Danger (YACID) if you overlook the warning above


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  • jay pinna October 31st, 2016, 06:45:55 AM

    what they are doing to this woman is terrible, if it was a man he would still have his shirt on. this is really not fair no matter what she has done

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