Police, soldiers, air force Marshalls, immigration officers, road safety commission workers etc are some of the protective bodies in the nation that ensures all round security in our country. They are there to protect, to secure and fight for our rights, but what do we do, hire them and keep permanently in our buildings or offices while we are away from home? NO! There should be other options when they are not available. We should be able to look up for ourselves especially considering the facts that emergency numbers for distress calls delays in their action most of the time.                                                                                                                                             So the questions you should have in your mind remains, what do we do to boost the security conscious of our country? We have cars right? In most of our advanced cities, garage are provided for workers, customers etc to park their cars. Sometimes, we park our cars without the slightest idea of the condition it may be in when we return. But thanks to the security workers in those places concerned, that at times when we come back, we still meet our cars in one piece, but they are human beings too, what if they could not withstand the arms of the attackers.
In hospitals, patients are at risks of being murdered right in their hospital beds by those who doesn’t want them alive. Sometimes they disguise themselves as one of the staff of the hospitals unnoticed by the security workers and still do their dirty job.
Jail breaks is being reported every day, why don’t anyone notice when that was going on in a prison. What is the best way to secure those prisoners so that they don’t break free and come to be a maniac to the nation? How do they escape unnoticed, where are the security officers when the jailbreaks go on till the prisoner escapes from the prison yard? Prison yards are to be secured as though it is the centre of the nation’s life.
These and more are some of the environmental risks we see in our everyday lives, but it seems there is nothing we can do about it. The point of attraction is first knowing the potential risk you may likely face if this or that happens and then be security conscious since you don’t even know who is who. Report any suspicious movements anytime you suspect someone or something to the appropriate authorities. Be your neighbours keeper, don’t act like you don’t care when your neighbours are being attacked because you might be the next victim.
Always be security conscious if not, you will certainly be in danger! 





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