TO me the Lagos State government and the security agents are trying in protecting the people of Lagos and their property. As we all know you cannot be in all places at the same time. In such places that we have insufficient police presence, crime is always on the high side. Policemen are also human; they run away when they cannot cope with a particular situation.
   I do not know how we are protected.
Speaking for myself, I am not protected by government or any security agents, I am protection by God Almighty.
Beatrice Okoroafor, Fashion Designer GOD is our protector. I have resided in Lagos for over two decades now. The Lagos State government and security agents are living up to expectations in terms protection of lives and property despite the population of the state. Crime rates are under control. I still have confidence in them; they are trying. The kidnapping and the Badoo Boys in Ikorodu will soon be a thing of the past. Nobody or institution is perfect. We the citizens are to report to the police any suspicious movements in our environments. With this, the rate of crime like kidnapping, vandalism, stealing, etc, will reduce.
Fanny Iyendo, trader
I DONT feel safe in Lagos at the moment.
That shows the state government and security agents are not working at all. People have been kidnapped without trace; what you hear from government are empty promises. You cannot move freely in Ikorodu town because of the Badoo cult group; in Ajegunle and environs, the One Million Boys are operating with impunity, apart from the usual area boys harassment. How can I trust them to protect me when they cannot even protect themselves? People are dying mysteriously, others are missing and nobody is apprehended. How then is government providing security? Sylvester Osadolor, Okada Operator

THE security agents in Lagos State, especially the police, are working. But we the citizens must play our own roles to help them protect us. Apart from that,  the police need to be motivated financially by the government so they won’t compromise when duty calls.




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