Its festive season once again and safety comes first. So, let’s us talk about our children; they are old enough to be out of our care 24/7 aren’t they?    Now they want to visit friends, they will also go to school and in all these they are always away from us. Kidnappers, money rituals, child traffickers and the rest of the criminal minded people are rampart in our societies today. Your children are always away all by themselves in the world out there and they are so exposed to these criminal minded sets of people who can slain without thinking twice.
  What steps do we take in ensuring that they are secured from these environmental threats that might be awaiting them in the streets and at schools? Personal GPS trackers? Who have that kind of money in Nigeria today? Of course so many parents will tell you how unserious you are if you even mention such to them. But then, how are we supposed to guard them.
• First thing first, a child should be taught to be morally upright. He should be able to say no to a stranger who is offering him money and gifts.
• Do you have a kid that lies a lot, I doubt, his safety is at risk. For our kids to be secured at the least, we should have kids that can come back and tell us exactly what happened while you were away. And also tell you what and what they accepted from people be it their uncle or friends.  
• Your daddy has no car to drop you off to school, just teach them to trek at the main time and avoid free rides from anybody that can claim to be their neighbours unless you strictly put them in the neighbour’s car yourself.
• When you go out in a crowded area, do well to hold them close to yourself no matter how distracted you might be. You never can tell who is watching you.




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