Kanu And Ipob’s Visit To Abakaliki Did Not Matter And Made No Difference.- Mr Divine Awah (Ta To Ebonyi State Governor On Security)
The Technical Assistant to Ebonyi State Governor, Mr Divine Awah says the supposed intrusion of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, {IPOB} Nnamdi Kanu into Ebonyi State, was of no effect and carried no force, as there were overlapping security on ground to stop him in his plan to shut Ebonyi down.
Mr Awah who is also a security blogger spoke to Nowayo news in Abakaliki.
According to him; the Governor of Ebonyi State Engr David Nweze Umahi has not wavered on his non disposition to Biafran agitations but prefers to handle matters related to same as a core Democrat which he is.
His words; ‘’My Governor has made it clear that he is not into the Biafran Agenda even though he is an Igbo man and a young man at that, but everybody understands that there is need to address certain situations in Nigeria that are giving rise to agitations.”.
On how IPOB came to Ebonyi without hindrance, Mr Awah maintained that Governor Umahi believes in community Policing, as he had flagged off the Ebonyi state neighborhood watch with over 300 youths employed from the thirteen {13}local Government Areas of the State as well as the State Capital Territory, and were provided with motor bikes and communication equipment to aid their operations.
‘’ About 100 of them were directly drafted to monitor the movements and activities of IPOB on that day. We were perfectly in contact with the security operatives who did a great job”.
‘’The tactic we used for the IPOB members on that day could be compared to a commonly used German word “es ist mir egal” this can be simply put in English language as: you really don’t matter to me, whatever you do does not make a difference. Or simply put, I don’t care about what you think you are, what you say or your insults you just don’t matter to me”.
‘’Our refusal to pursue their line of contemplation which was predominantly based on resistance to the use of force on them disappointed and handicapped them’’.
‘’Sometimes we make things look more important than they really were when we take wrong actions. Certain ideologies strive better when pushing, forcing, beating, and imprisoning or killings are applied. These are the publicity spices and eventual acceptance or recognition they desire’’ he maintained.
‘’We froze their ability to endanger the people or destroy property. In effect we frustrated their plans of shutting down Ebonyi state’’.
‘As we tactically confined the group to disability, many people averse and speculated that the group was actually on transit resulting in the statement that Ebonyi would be shut down for three days by their next visit, since the visit in question was not scheduled but a mere ‘on transit stop’.
‘’I appreciate all my colleagues especially Chidebere Egwu and Nchekwube Anakor , the SSA on security and the Security Agencies they did a wonderful work. We remained unprovoked because “es ist mir egal” I also thank the Governor for believing in our ability to help his determination to make Ebonyi safe for all. Even safe for the IPOB members who left without a scratch.
Mr Awah re-iterated that the Neighborhood Watch is a well trained team with appropriate security responses, ‘’Even when we have no powers to arrest, we know how to arrest situations and neutralize them. If it comes to free for all fight the IPOB members are not spirits, some of them are also from here, therefore they know us and we know them but we are restricted and confined by our duty to the people and the law that established us. There is no gain repeating to you that there has been drastic reduction of crime in Ebonyi state. It is visible’’
On Yoruba Igbo and Hausa as it is today, Mr Awah said, that nothing has gone wrong; ‘’if people keep saying they want to go, others may as well respond’’.
‘’Yoruba and Hausa do not hate us, somebody may get irritated with your excessive use of hate words in the name of “I want to go” and he will simply react the best way he thinks may answer you in return, but the truth remains, they do not wish us to leave their land’’.
On his acquaintance with the state Governor, and his subsequent appointment as a Technical Assistant on Security, Mr Awah said;
‘’Nigerians from various professions and countries of their sojourn have come home to contribute their quota to the development of this country but many were disappointed because of misconception. You may not understand how frustrating it could be when you live outside the country and you see things working fine as if to confirm that God made man in his image and likeness and back home things don’t seem to move, every situation spells metaphor of failure’’.
‘’During his campaign, the Governor said some people were ashamed to identify themselves as Ebonyians and that he was going to change that.’’
‘’Sincerely speaking he was right. That was the day I made up my mind to work for my State with all my heart because it was with hesitation that we accepted we were from Ebonyi, but today, just two years after, the story is different’’.
‘’Eboyians are proudly posting on the social media that they are from here. His approach to everything is just revolutionary. I am happy working with him and at his digital pace’’.           




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