The reckless maneuvering of most Okada operators is certainly an accident in development which is usually aggravated by the refusal of 90% of Okada passenger to hold grip the Bike when in motion.      Unfortunately, when the prayers for an accident by the rider and the passenger are answered, considering the recklessness of the rider and the lack of concern of most passengers who instead of grabbing the bike and caution the rider may be making calls or writing text messages, the passengers gets worse injuries than the riders as they are thrown off the bike even before the actual crash which may be minor but eventually result to severe injuries and fatality in many cases.
When the Bike is not held by the passenger, the rider is less stable should the bike swing, at a bumps, on application of break, when negotiating a bend and at the instance of excess speed causing the rider to skid off course.
It is therefore advisable; to grasp the bike to avoid this unfortunate familiar phenomenon that has claimed lives.
The place to hold while commuting on the bike is the frame right under the seat.
When you decide to make calls, chat or write SMS message while on a bike, you have lost the chance to advice the rider when he is getting reckless you also can not brace for a fall.




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