How often do you read?
One might ask what does reading has to do with his security when there is gun and other self defense equipment available. A lot!
You should read books always, lots of crimes both cyber and social trending today have also happened sometime ago and because of this, solutions and the way forward to stop some of the it has been documented in books and on the net so that you can help prevent them. But how can you help prevent crime if you don’t read. I’ve heard a say that if you want to kill a black man, all you need to do is to put it in writing; he won’t know or see it because he doesn’t read. And that is partly true because even in the internet once there are no pictures to watch, then, what is the need for reading the long posts, they just abandon the post without minding if there is any relevant message from the post or not. So many of us don’t read books and they don’t equally read on the internet; just chat and watch nude pictures, only a few who actually came to make a references or research on the net that do take time to read. If you doubt me, can you tell me what is written in that sign board opposite your house?
You buy an electrical home appliance from the market and the only thing you know from the pack is the name of the appliance, every other instruction giving on how to handle the appliance is story for another day. You mishandle them and end up with home appliance accident and that’s it.
In as much as we need to be security conscious of all that is going on in our environment, we need to read everything that is posted in or around our houses so that we don’t get misinformed. We need to read broader, read the manuals of all our electrical appliances so that you can know what to do and when to do it.
Sometimes the villains are kind enough to drop their warning note but because we don’t read and at the same time we don’t even care about the little piece of papers around us, we ignore the warnings and face the attack.
Read always, if you cannot adopt a reading habit today; you are certainly in danger. 




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