Faces of poverty, frustration and institutional negligence of essential obligations to the society are masqueraded in rape, robbery, hate, insanity, terrorism fraud and other vises.
The unfortunate victims of these calamities had no idea they were in the wrong places at the given time, you may be the next unsuspecting victim, don’t just say “God forbid” because he prayed to God to succeed in the operation and he worked towards his aim. You must also pray and work by open your eyes and develop the habit of reporting suspicious movements or unusual movements to the Police. He is evil he prayed and worked, you are innocent when you pray and work he will fail. You may not agree that the Police is your friend but he is certainly someone’s child, father, friend, mother uncle, Aunt, school mate, neighbor and some are even God fearing and looks like they have same blood running their veins too. You don’t have to trust the Police if you don’t want to but trust yourself to perform your civic responsibility by spending time to help the Police to seat up. Calling the phone numbers provided for emergency situations in a way would reminder them of their responsibilities even when overlooked once someday they will deny they never got called and if the long arm of the law does not track them on that particular negligence, the recklessness will certainly lack outright impunity. Also remember that some people have been helped by such calls.

-When you do not take note of movement in your immediate environment———YACID

When the Police is not your friend—————-YACID                                 




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