Hi people, here are graphic Pictures of some men certainly fathers, Husbands, brothers , cousins and uncles of some people that certainly love them so much and would wish them to still be here.
They are victims of land dispute yesterday, the place and their names should not be our immediate concern because it has happened in your areas and will still happen again. Should we still see it as strange when people die in land disputes? Certainly it is regular in Nigeria and that is supposed to teach us one very important lesson: when argument on land should arise, we must seek the appropriate authorities to mediate and when you continue with the argument without calling to mind what might be the possible result #YACID
Anytime you place property and material above your life (#YACID)  remember it’s not just about you, those intelligent boys and girls( yours and or that of your victim/s) who will hiss and curse all the days of their lives trying to wipe your memory and your action from existence because you deprived them of love and care.
Anytime you put property and material above your life, anytime you try to overlook the implication of heated augment, YOU ARE CERTAINLY IN DANGER (#YACID)  

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