The Months of September to December are referred to as Ember months predominantly reminding Nigerians of Accident and Robbery. The period is believed to bring tears and sorrow because of the associated incidents. The work and success of the Governor of Ebonyi State to prevent this legend proves that God did not create these months to be disastrous but the abandonment of social responsibilities to the people by some leaders allows the development of such sordid situations.
The last ember months met an Ebonyi state under the influence of factors that built and sustained the developed Nations: Sincerity of purpose, determination to take the people to where they are supposed to be, all encompassed in; security to live and property, good road, clean environment and respect for the present and future of the people. These factors cumulatively build a strong foundation call hope.
The State Governor Eng. David Umahi has reenacted the foundation of growth and progress in the state by reinvigorating hope in the people.
Every aspect of his work is directly and indirectly telling a story never told before in the State.  This is the Story of a bright future and hope for a great tomorrow inspired by what you see and can touch.
The road to development is not smooth but Ebonyians have seen enough of the harshness that nature holds. We have been mocked belittled even by people from states with less economic potentials.
The hustling spirit in us is an unarguable factor that has propelled us to be able to stand and speak among our brothers and at last God has blessed us with a Governor with a determination to set the wrongs right.
In the developed countries, you see things working but you wonder how and why they could even work. The problem is that you were not there or maybe not yet born when their own David Umahi fixed their foundation, you just see a society working and you wonder why our leaders who travel there every time are not able to bring home the same condition.
The German Economy is based majorly on the Automobile industry yet the 82.67 million population of Germans are living in a real world while most African leaders are still struggling for political positions they are not able to use to effect positive changes in their people. If Nigeria as a Nation had experienced the changes as seen in Ebonyi state within the last few years, our citizens would not have brought back the abolished slave trade to this modern day after over 5 decade of independent.
I salute the vision of Engr. David Umahi and Pray as I believe he will remain focused.





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