My Name is DIVINE AWAH welcome to my security blog.
I lived and worked in several countries including Germany with security consciousness.
I am currently one of the Technical Assistants (TA) to Ebonyi state Governor on security.
Public information is a major aspect of security, I hereby publicly announce that the security concerns and the creation of the Ebonyi state neighbourhood watch by Governor David Umahi is worthy of announcing to people far and near who are not living here in Ebonyi state to feel the air of safety.
Since the Economic situation of the country is tough on Nigerians in general, tougher security concerns should be initiated as many youths may reciprocate to the situation by going into crime which is certainly not an option.
With a good security structure on the ground , the youths are dissuaded from going into crime, consequently they would, as every other person takes to hard work other than trying to use crime to cushion the tough economic situation in the country.
Difficult economic situation in a country is not permanent but can create a permanently destructive impact especially if security concerns are neglected.
I implore other State Governors to institute such security concerns as Ebonyi state and the country will come out of the current economic situation with less casualties.




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