What were supposed to be celebration for successful graduation yesterday turned tragic as final year students of Ebonyi state University after writing their final examinations decided to celebrate with friends and relatives.
The merriment unfortunately metamorphosed into painting the town red with enough blood bath obviously as a result of drunkenness.
All night clubs and bars in Abakaliki, the state capital were filled to capacity and at a time like this any security conscious person should sense danger in the air.
One of the various unfortunate situations was experienced as a driver trying to reverse his vehicle ended up crashing through seated unsuspecting crowd cheerfully drinking and discussing in one of the night clubs. The car did not come to a halt until it had crushed the last table and chairs on its path sending the occupants scattered on the ground with broken bottles everywhere.
Several people were injured, with some rushed to the hospital immediately as a result of the crash. Ebonyi state Neighborhood watch invited alongside the Police team arrived the scene in good time to put a stop to the throwing of bottles by the angry crowd.
A team of Ebonyi Neighborhood watch was dispatched to the Federal Medical Center alongside a man with sever bottle wound on his head while another team rushed off to answer another distressed call that a van skidded off track around the Government Technical College, GTC,gate

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