Its Christmas time with associated uncharacteristic incidents.
Some feeble minded people thinks “the hard way is the only way” to get money to spend during the occasion while some hurry to double their earnings by doubling their activities on the road without putting into consideration that they are cohabiting the world with others who may also be in a rush like them as well as the normal people who believes there is more to life than rushing to make money for Christmas.
Since there is such unfortunate reasoning, it is the duty of every Governor to nip it from the bud in their states.
The Ebonyi State Neighborhood watch preempting this has set up measures in addition to its regular security monitoring to enfeeble crime and accident especially at night.
The Neighborhood watch has extended the scope of its security consciousness by setting up artificial speed breakers at strategic points. The points which may be created with used vehicle tires serves as observation locations.
It’s obvious that few days to Christmas certain organizations like the Federal Road Safety commission and some security operatives will come up with strategies to reduce the impact of rushing on our roads and to curb robbery incident but such emergency measures do not really have as much impact as preventive actions that informs the people of zero tolerance to situations that may endanger lives and properties.
The neighbourhood watch has intensified its late night marking of registers on various locations to ensure that members are actively on ground while Ebonyi State’s resident sleeps with their two eyes closed. -BY DIVINE AWAH




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