The strike has just kicked off in mutengene in Cameroon. All roads have been blocked they are saying that biya should withdraw all the troops he has sent to Bamenda else sonara is going down the battle line has been drawn
Danger in Kumba right now

More than 70 urban transportation buses from various travel agencies coming from various parts of Cameroon have been blocked at station hill no entrance to bamenda town
These buses from amour Mezam ,Musango   Vatican, Jean jeanot have been blocked by security forces from entering bamenda with more than 500 passengers on board,  eye witness says children could be seen vomiting in the buses and crying due to the long stop of the buses at the custom post before descending down to CRTV radio bamenda
Even the road from Santa   leading to bali nyonga which is a major passage to bamenda have been blocked too meaning that they shall be no movement to and from bamenda until further notice




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