In this era of convoluted politics and glaring leadership crisis in Nigeria, debilitating corruption and it’s far reaching consequences to the citizenry, it has become absolutely necessary and patriotically compelling on all citizens to speak out the truth – as it affects our country and its leaders – without being economical with the truth.
As it is always the norm, leaders like and prefer those who tell them only what they like to hear without taking into consideration the consequences of their unpatriotic actions. Of the truth I tell you, the Razor-Line will cut it open where people find it difficult to say it out.
In this country, performance of leaders and personnel has become obviously important that we can no longer remain aloof and nonchalant to national issues and the politics of our country.  This is because , Nigeria as a nation is empirically not measuring up as it is expected –given its vast natural resources,  abundant human power capacities including its strategic importance in Africa and the world in general.
Therefore, in the light of the foregoing, it has become very imperative to tell our so-called leaders and all political operators in the country the ‘Razor-like ‘truth so as to cut them to size whenever and wherever they go astray. According to President Donald J. Trump , ‘ when you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.’
Many things are going ‘dangerously’ wrong in Nigeria and until citizens open their hearts and minds to tell our political gladiators the naked truth;
·        We shall never stop crying,

·        We shall never stop   bemoaning of our economic conditions

·        Unpatriotic leaders shall continue to flood our political landscape

·        Corruption will continue to distort our efforts towards meaningful nationhood.

·        All over Africa and the world in general, human rights are being constantly abused on daily basis, human beings are daily slaughtered like as if we are goats yet not much is done against this ugly trend, terrorism , kidnapping , human trafficking and armed robbery have continued without control. People of good conscience and uprightness must not keep quiet.

Therefore, to be able to beat our leaders into line and shape, the ‘Razor-line’ was conceived as a weapon of the ‘truth’ to cut through these ‘wayward leaders and people’ who have unfortunately and mindlessly raped our country dry.

As we all know, the truth must be told, no matter whose ox is gored.  That is exactly what the Razor-Line is totally out to do here.

All in all, we pledge to provide you with our ‘incisive analyses’ of all issues – as it affects Nigeria’ polity and beyond because the world is now a global village hence we hereby implore all our prospective readers to always follow on ‘@Razor-Line’ handle.




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