On the occasion of his 80th birthday celebration at his Ota Farm, Chief Obasanjo was quoted as saying, among other things that ‘God has answered all his prayers in life, that he has been blessed beyond his expectations by God.’ Of course, a personality like Chief Obasanjo should be highly thankful to God for keeping him alive till date inspite of all his short-falls to the contrary. But Obasanjo forgot that certain prayers of his were never answered because to God, those prayers seemed absurd.
Another rhetoric that got people laughing was when he said that he was not sure of his age. So, why are you celebrating your 80th if you are unsure, one may ask? That is Chief Obasanjo for you. 
Meantime, one Columnist writing in one of the national dailies quickly interjected by asking him, Baba, what of your 3rd term bid?’ And another wrote and asked, ‘what of your bid to become the United Nations’ Secretary-general? The rest, they say is history.
Without mincing words, Chief Obasanjo is a controversial figure who probably derives a lot of joy from his critics and in Igbo land, it is often said that any man who has nothing to be said about him is not yet a man. For me, I think that sometimes through the words of critics about you, you get to know the true picture of yourself- whether you are doing well or otherwise. But for our former president and leader, he only wants to remain relevant by creating unnecessary hysteria through his manner of speaking. You may wish to recall how he publicly tore his PDP Party Card and declared it dead because the then president Goodluck Jonathan closed his door against him. He, therefore, got infuriated and wanted to teach his boy the worst lesson of his life by that shameful public show of immaturity.
As a former president and like his counterparts in advanced countries, he is expected to lie low, comment only when necessary, on sensitive issues- like when the country’s national security is in jeopardy or threatened, but not Chief Obasanjo; nothing crosses his part without any comment. He even wants to have total control of government from his bedroom and when he is rebuffed, he reacts angrily by saying things that should not be said only to upset his antagonist-without minding the implications.
He did it to former president Goodluck Jonathan when he saw that the former had stopped consulting him on every mundane issue of governance. He threw what was later described as a letter bomb at President Goodluck Jonathan when the goings-on between them became so bad and hectic for him.  And Dr. Goodluck Jonathan subsequently replied him in the same tune of his own letter.
All –in all, it is very undemocratic for Obasanjo to exhibit such unethical behavior –as a former president and leader of Nigeria but the man in question feels unperturbed.  He does not want to know.  Therefore, it is high time Chief Obasanjo is cut into shape because it is getting too much of him.
Now, why is Obasanjo not talking about re-structuring of Nigeria? Why is Obasanjo silent on the National Conference Report of 2014 organized by the administration of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan? Nigeria spent billions of Naira to organize that national assignment to improve the structure and image of this country but today, it seems to have been consigned to the dustbin of history –by those who describe themselves as ‘born to rule.’
Many people are being held in Nigerian prisons [especially in EFCC and kuje cells] in utter disregard to court orders and yet Obasanjo sees no reason to tell President Buhari to do the right thing by releasing these people or simply try them in properly constituted law courts according to the principles of the rule of law.
Why should Nnamdi Kanu and others be tried in camera? What offence did they commit that warrants such a kangaroo set up in a country that claims to be practicing democracy? Several courts have given orders for their unconditional release yet the APC federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari has consistently and flagrantly disobeyed all the orders of Court. These are serious issues that should concern all reasonable minds in this country and not ‘Igbo Presidency.’ The Igbos know how to go about their problem and not for anybody to preach/ or   hold brief for them. Chief Obasanjo is the only Nigerian leader alive who has ruled this country for the longest time and from the look of things and his actions, he does not want anybody to beat that record. But is he God?
He recently said that if care is not taken, Nigeria may go the way of PDP. Should a Statesman be saying all these?
However, I wish that his   prediction above on Nigeria should come through so that those who are unjustly treated in their own country would find other alternatives to survive and enjoy their God given freedom without encumbrances.




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