Let me start by saying that I am of the Igbo extract, and a Nigerian. I believe in Nigeria now and a future Biafra, not a premature Biafra.
The cry of marginalization; I have asked certain people, why are we crying about marginalization? Why are we the ones marginalized? Why are we always at the receiving end?
If you are a parent and your son always comes home crying that his age mate always beats him up, what will be your reaction? Will you always pamper him and say ‘don’t worry, I will talk to his parents’? I don’t think so. At a point, you will tell your son to man up and face the child!
Listen, I believe that we have the capacity to marginalize others, we have the capacity to come out of this political mess as a tribe but… (I will come back to this later).
Nnamdi Kanu, the accidental hero?
How many people knew Nnamdi Kanu before his incarceration? Very few, including me. Busy people refused paying attention to him, they had more important things to do than focus on the then ‘utopian’ idea of Biafra.
Then, his arrest and subsequent detention, behold a hero was born! The Nigerian government made a hero out of an ordinary man! The ‘ordinary’ people conferred on him a messianic status. Folktales were spined about him, wild stories told about him, grandmaster status ‘granted’ him. He has become the ‘hope’ of the hopeless’. A tactless and careless mistake by Buhari and his handlers.
My personal opinion about Kanu… Though he may have the interest of the Igbo race at heart, I believe his priorities are misplaced, he is opinionated and egomaniac. Some people were jailed with him, they are still there and he’s out. I believe that he should have refused bail except and until all his comrades were released. (I will come back to this later!).
The ‘militarilization’ of the south east: This is a big NO-NO!
In a democracy, the use of the military must actually be very minimal. They must never ever engage the civilian populace with live ammunition, never! This is another tactless and careless mistake by Buhari.
A leader must build unity, especially in a volatile country like Nigeria!
The lives of the people must come first!
On what ground where the military sent to the southeast?
What did the youths do to be slaughtered by a government that has sworn to protect them?
The clamour for self determination is not illegal, its not unconstitutional. They were not violent (at first) until the soldiers escalated things and the nonviolent group became one!
My concern about this Biafran struggle…
Let’s come back to my first questions.
Why are the Igbos marginalized? Is it because they are an inferior tribe? Less richer? Less brilliant? Emphatically NO.
We are the ones marginalizing ourselves! Yes, there you have it.
What difference would Biafra make? No, tell me!
Are we still not going to be governed by the same elites? The same money-bags? The same selfish men?
If you want to know what Biafra will look like, look at Abia of today and IMO state of today!
We keep shouting Hausa and Yoruba, what of our leaders?
Are they not given allocations?
Don’t they have IGRs?
What have they done with the resources they are given no matter how little it may seem?
Governments after governments have looted our treasuries yet we have not demanded any form of accountability from them!
One, after looting Abia treasury went on to become a voiceless senator voted in by the same people shouting marginalization!
Another, from IMO state, was one time minister for aviation, do you know what she did at IMO airport? Nothing!
A late one was one time minister for works, do you know what he did for eastern roads? Nothing!
Should I talk about the rape of IMO state by the confused Rochas? Who voted for him? People of IMO state! Yes, they did.
Of all the states to declare that there won’t be any election, he chose what? Anambra state? Almost the only viable, self sustaining and somewhat developed state in Igbo land? To what end? To show forth his influence? Is he thinking straight at all? It will not serve any good purpose to Igbos.
If one person comes out to vote for APC in Anambra state, APC will capture and govern the state.
Time will fail me to talk about other states!
Take a look at Akwa-Ibom and cross-rivers, while our leaders were busy underdeveloping us, these leaders were busy empowering their own people!
Go and check most Igbo youths with good jobs today, some of them were helped by people from other ethnic groups because our own people refused to help us!
That senator representing your senatorial area, go to his office (if you ever can) and ask him for a job or even a letter of recommendation and see how you will be turned 360 degrees until you are tied and dehumanized!
When Nnamdi Kanu was released, with his overwhelming popularity, I thought he will place a demand on our state governors to perform or he makes their government unpopular but No, he kept shouting that Nigeria is a zoo! For a British citizen who has his family abroad, what do you expect?
Igbos, we are not united! We don’t like ourselves! At the police checkpoint, an Igbo policeman will see his fellow Igbo man and demand money from him but will rather let an Hausa man pass.
Look at what some northern states are doing, they are putting their people in the military, sending them abroad to study on scholarship- deliberate empowerment!
What kind of nation do we want? A nation of okada riders and hawkers? We must wake up from this slumber!
We are not ready for ‘our’ own nation!
Look at the Yorubas. Despite the party affiliations and differences, how many times have you heard Fayose insult Tinubu? Or Fani Kayode insult Tinubu?
It is not about getting Biafra, the question is, after that what next? Will the Anambra agree that he is equal to the Ebonyi man?
Will the Abia man agree that the Enugu man is his brother? Will the Ngwa man agree to rule for 4 years and allow the Ukwa man to govern?
If Biafra will become a good reality (not a premature failed state), we must be deliberate about it.
What is our 20 years plan? What is our goal?
We should start an intensive radical empowerment of the youths because these are the people to lead us into the future!
We must deliberately train, empower and educate ourselves.
We must hold town hall sensitisations. We must hold our leaders accountable! Our roads must be well tarred, viable industries must be started. Our general consciousness and attitude towards life, politics and others must change.
No man goes to war without counting the cost! What will we fight the wars with? The weaponry of the nation is situate in the North! Call me a coward, I don’t want any war, I will not participate in any war.
You think the international communities will come to your aids if there is a war? Think again! They only look out for their interests.
Our fathers didn’t fight the civil war only for us to fight same again.
A leader gives himself up for his people! Tell Nnamdi to surrender himself and stop this bloodshed!




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