When I was growing up in the sixties/ seventies and so on, our parents were heavily taxed just to raise money to help South Africans to fight Apartheid and this war was sustained until Dr. Nelson Mandela eventually gained his freedom in 1991. Thereafter , elections were held and Dr. Madiba -as he was fondly called -swept the polls. Unfortunately, today we hear ugly stories being meted to Nigerians by their fellow black men for reasons very hard to phantom. It sounds very ridiculous. Our own brothers killing and destroying our properties because Nigerians are seen as successful guys in that country of theirs. Instead of them to blame Jacob Zuma -their president and his wayward ways, they heap their anger on Innocent foreigners -who have nothing against them. The world is watching the ugly scenario . Our own government must also be blamed for making Nigeria unbearable / uncomfortable through their wholesale looting and bad leadership which have taken us several years back instead of moving forward. Shame on our leaders and politicians who have failed us woefully. History will never be kind with them.




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