Proverb: Yoruba use proverbs to teach, to correct, to admonish, to counsel, and to pass information directly or indirectly to a second party, with hidden meanings to others around. Proverbs enhance the value of a speech; a person who is rich in proverbial sayings is regarded as someone with wisdom.
Proverbs or words of wisdom are common in all languages, in English, it is called idioms. Proverbs are statements laced with philosophical credos.
Proverb has application in all spheres of human life, for instance, a person who lacks patience can be corrected by patience supported proverbs;

Aja to’ ba ni Suu’ru ni je Eegun titobi; it means (A patient dog eats the fattest bone).

For a good Character:
• Eefin ni Iwa; it means (Human character is like a smoke, it will always sprout).

For a good friendship and love:
• Ore too’to, ki n dani; it means (A good friend doesn’t betray).

On hard work:
• Atelewo Eni, ki n tan Ni’ je; it means (A hard working person will never be disappointed).

To acquire wisdom:
• Abo Oro la n so fun Omoluabi, to ba de’nu Re, A di Odindin; it means (A word is enough for a wise child, when he gets it, he uses it judiciously).

On unity:
• Owo Kan O’ gberu do’ Ri; it means (A single hand cannot carry load to the head/Divided we fall).

On Trust between friends:
• Oju M?wa, O jo’ju Eni; it means (No one can act or do exactly like you, in your absence)
• Baba ku, Iya ku; atani gbe ni’ ta lo ku (An orphan is at the mercy of an impostor)

On preparation for difficult days:
• Se la n p?n Omi sole, di’ oungbe; it means (You should prepare for the unforeseen occurrence/You should work to face the unknown).

On self-Deception:
• A o n ku’ru, Ka’ ni a ga; it means (You don’t indulge yourself in self-deception).

Time management:
• Akoko o du’ro, de’ ni kan; it means (Time waits for nobody; Use your time well).
• Igba ara la n bu’ra; enikan ki n bu Sango lerun (Make hay, while the Sun shines; for no one calls for lightning during the dry season)




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