Juju Genre– is the most popular and widely-known music genre in Yoruba land, prominent juju maestros are:
Sunday Ish?la Adeg?ye Adeniyi (popularly known as King Sunny Ade)
Ebenezer Fabiyi (known as Chief Commander Ebenezer Fabiyi Obey)
Dele Abiodun (Adawa Super King)
Prince Adekunle (known as General Adekunle)
Juju music can be traced to Abdul Rafiu Babatunde otherwise known as (Tunde king) and Ojog? Daniel in the second decade of 20th century. Older generation of Juju musicians were: Adeolu Akinsanya (Baba Eto of Lagos),  Isaiah Kehinde Dairo (popularly known as I.K. Dairo), Dele Ojo (from Ilara-Mokin, Ondo State).  Another popular juju musician is Idowu Animashaun (the Apola King). Juju music according to history, “evolved from clubs around the country” especially those from Lagos, and also immigrants from Freetown, Sierra-Leone, and people from the new-world, including, but not limited to: Brazil, West-Indies, who became its major fans. Interestingly, the genre derived its lyrics from Yoruba and idioms of the new settlers. There are some other types of Juju genre, such as Afro-Juju, which combines juju features with Afro-beat and highlife in the background. Also, there is Kenneries- popularized by late ?ladipup? Owom?y?la (a.k.a Dr. Orlando Owoh). This brand of juju looks so much like highlife, because of the musical instruments use, but the message, format and lyrics are purely j

Drums Agogo/Metal String/African Guitar Piano-Like Percussion Sound Generated Instruments
Sakara Drum cover with goat skin over clay Agogo- one/two cylindrical shape metal Goje- bowed stringed instrument Agidigbo- piano-like, instrument Talking Drum stick- ??k?r?
Asiko-cone shaped Drum
Bata-small cone shaped drums with high sounds use by Sango worshippers Kakaki- from Elephant Tusk use by royalty Xylophone Agbe-Shaker
Asiko-cone shaped Drum
Dundun-Drum,Gb?du big drum made from wood,beaten in honor of king, or great person ?aworo-an encased pebble size metal object, tie to legs to produce sound.
Iya-Ilu Drum, main drum, Seli-like –Cymbal- hand clapping object
Gudugudu-small Bata drum
Omele-twin Bata known for high pitch
Bembem-A brass Drum, produce brass based sound
Gangan-Talking drum; known for its different sounds.



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