In Igbo land, it is a sign of respect to confer an individual with a traditional or chieftaincy title. The title is usually conferred to man of substance or people that have distinguished themselves from others by a traditional ruler.
The sons and daughters of the land who are given titles are usually people who have gone far and beyond in helping their communities and neighbours. People who have performed extraordinary feats in battle, hunting, swimming and other activities may also get a title
There thousands of names of chieftaincy titles in Igbo land with English interpretation.
Ebube Dike: This title which translates to “glorious hero” is usually given to a man who has done wonders in the protection of the town or one who has brought prosperity to the community.
Ikemba: Ikemba literally translates to “power (strength) of a nation (place). This title is given to an individual who embodies the strength and endurance of a people or place. The late Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu had the title of Ikemba of Nnewi.
Ochiri Ozuo: Ochiri ozuo means “one who trains all.” It is given to individuals who provide education or skills acquisition training or even scholarships for members of their community
Ome Lo Ra: This is usually given to people who have spent money on community development. The title literally translates to “one who does everything (good) for everyone.”
Oke Osisi: Oke Osisi means “great tree” and is usually given to a person who is believed to be a pillar of the community. Any person who holds this title wields considerable power in the town.
Uba zuo oke: Uba Zuo Oke is given to a man whose wealth is believed to be big enough to benefit the community. Any person with this title is usually rich and very philanthropic.
Ome ego: Ome ego is usually given to a wealthy person. This title also ties in with wealth and philanthropist.
Nwadialor: It means a valued child.




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