Olojo festival also known as the Festival of Life is commemorated annually to appease the ancestors of the Ile-Ife Land so that they will grant the Ooni (king) and his subjects more life and good health.
Prior to the celebration day proper, the Ooni goes to an isolated place where he will embark on extra-mundane communication with the ancestors for the welfare of the people.  The women prior to his arrival to the palace will tidy up the palace as a way of getting the palace rid of evil.
The Ooni on arrival dresses in the traditional regalia and the ancient crown believed to have originated from Oduduwa and proceeded to the shrine of Ogun where he will in the company of the chiefs andpriests perform a ritual sacrifice to Oduduwa.
This is followed by a procession to Okemogun’s shrine where he will renew his oath of office and will atOketage hill foretell the tomorrow of the people and also visit historical places of importance.
The chiefs in their traditional regalia and staffs dance Bembe traditional music in peculiar ways while theOsirigi beat of the drum is highly reserved for only the Ooni to dance.
This festival is celebrated as a remembrance of a day in the year which the creator of the world blessed.
Lots of prayers and sacrifices are performed largely among Yoruba land to appease to gods which they believe created the universe.




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