Potiskum is the largest city in Yobe state, North-East Nigeria with booming business in the area. Potiskum is a local government which strongly competes with the state’s capital Damaturu, it has one of the largest Cattle market in Africa and the largest in West Africa and as well as the largest millet market in North-East Nigeria as it is estimated (2008) to sell 500 bags of grain on market day. Most of the cattle are transported to other parts of the country.  Potiskum is the main settlement for the Ngizim people. Potiskum has been a thriving trade hegemony in Yobe State because of its strategic position as a centre of commerce, learning, spiritual and cultural revival. Till date, the town is second to none in Yobe State when it comes to business activities because people from neighboring Borno, Jigawa, Kano, Bauchi and Gombe States, as well as numerous others from Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Benin and Central African Republic have stakes in the ‘biggest cattle market in sub- Saharan African,’ which is also situated in Potiskum.
Potiskum is full of ancient history and rich in culture and tradition, Potiskum is also recognized as the headquarters of both the ancient Fika emirate and the reinstated Potiskum Emirate. There are traces of colonial presence in the town and in its vicinities, which lend a hand to Nigeria’s independence history.
Potiskum has an airport located in the city’s GRA from the western part of the town along Kano road. Many residents as well as visitors are unaware of its existence however; the airport was built 64 years ago and is functional
The Potiskum Emirate (or Pataskum Emirate) is a traditional state in Nigeria, with headquarters in Potiskum, Yobe State. The Emir holds the title “Mai”.




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