Sapele is a city in Delta State, Nigeria. Sapele land is steeped in tradition, Sapele which is today one of the most important industrial port towns in the Western Region of Nigeria was a small village belonging to the people of Okpe in Urhobo country, Its industries include the processing of timber, rubber, and palm oil, as well as furniture, tamarind balm and footwear manufacturing.
Sapele, Sapoli, and Sapeli, are the European rendering of the Okpe name of the village which is Urhiapele or Urhuapele.  The hinterland Urhobo calls it Isapele and the Itsekiri people generally call it Usapele, both obviously after the European rendering. Urhiapele or Urhuapele is a combination of two Urhobo words – Urhie or Urho and Apele. Urhie or Urho means a river or a stream, and Apele is a name of a Juju of the Okpe owners of the village. Urhiapele or Urhuapele therefore means the “River or the stream of Apele.”
Sapele main market, the most popular market in Sapele town, plays a significant role in the life of the people whose occupation are in the area of small and medium scale production.
Sapele Athletic Club is the oldest club in Nigeria as it was founded in 1880 before Ikoyi Club, Kaduna Club, Benin Club and numerous others across the country.
The general idea is that Sapele is a trading village, and it is not only popular for saw-milling, other industrial activities go on within the area, considering the major ports located in the suburb.
The Sapele Ferry which is till today the only means of carrying motor vehicles across the river was started in January, 1929




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