The Itigidi community is the headquarters of Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State. Itigidi is situated in the western bank of Cross River State, dominated predominately with farming activities, which is identified as the primary occupation of the locals which can also be described as the major economic activity.
The people of Itigidi as in history has been peaceful from the beginning to date, though several times they have been in trouble with other communities around them, but they ever took a fight. The community is bless with a rich culture and traditional believe.
Aji cultural festival is a religious/ cultural festival that is celebrated by groups of Agbo tribe especially the Itigidi people, The Itigidi Aji festival is one of the most famous festivals of the Abama people of Itigidi. The Aji Festival displays the rich culture of the Isobo People. It used to be the climax of all the traditional rites leading to the passage of young Isobo maidens to womanhood. It is indeed a show of class and dignity for the wealthy and the noble. Above all, it is usually a period that re-emphasizes the true identity and history of the Isobo people.
People of the community during the annual festival pay respect to the ancestors where they pray for good health and prosperity for that year, a lot of people from the community return home for this festival as they believe that their success is largely determined by their ancestors. Other social events like music, dances and other cultural displays also take place during the Aji cultural festival.
The Aji festival is normally celebrated in December. Before the Aji begins the chiefs and elders carry out some spiritual tendency according to their culture. As the story of Itigidi remains from history, the people don’t know those that normally clear the playing ground before the festival begins. The playing ground is usually cleared before 24th of December at midnight, several times before the people will wake up early in the morning to see the place neat.

The Aji starts with the Eldele dance on the 25th-26th of December, then after the Eldele that usually comes up once in a year will be the Elegal that is only played at the Ikamine market square unlike the Eldele is from the people of Agba clan of Itigidi, and wrestling from the Lekpachiel clan, after the Eldele is the Elegal starting from 27th-28th of December.




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