Ipetumodu is a city in Osun State, in the southwestern part of Nigeria. The city is the headquarters of Ife North local government. The city is under the leadership of traditional ruler with the title of Apetumodu, which means, The great king of Ipetumodu
Ipetumodu was founded by great warriors Obatala and Orunmila (both are contemporaries of oduduwa). They came from ile-ife to settle near River Isasa, a settlement inhabited by the Igbo people whose origin are traced to the Eastern and Southeastern part of Nigeria. Obatala was named “oseremaigbo” while orunmila was named “barapetu”. After some years the igbo peoples were driven out of the city. Orunmila and Obatala left Ipetumodu for ile-ife, but left Akalako the son of Obatala in the city. Adetinuwe the daughter of Oduduwa is the mother of Akalako,Sunkungbade and Asosanyin. Sunkungbade founded Owu Ipole,Asosanyin founded Waasinmi via Ikire and later went to established Isheyin Odan,all of them have sese efun crown because they are son of Obatala. Akalako moved northward to established “ibode nla”(greater gate) to protect Ile-ife from invasion. He used to kill “etu”(deer) to perform “odu ifa”(ifa ritual) that is the how the word “Ipetumodu” was derived that is “a pa etu bo odu” (one who kill deer for ritual),Akalako then became the first king of Ipetumodu. Alaafin,Awujale,Alake,Onisabe,Olupopo and Olulana all of them visit Ipetumodu during the reign of Akalako and they made covenant on asewele rock near river Ishasha in Ipetumodu. Only Oyo Alaafin kept the covenant because Alaafin elect must perform certain ritual in Apetumodu palace before he will be crowned. Ipetumodu have close relationship with Ile-ife right from the reign of Oduduwa,Ipetumodu and Ile-ife have the same traditional festival.
Ipetumodu have two market which is Obada and Akinola market.Obada market comes up every fifth day,Obada market is located at the city center.Akinola market comes up every Friday of the week, It was strategic located near Ife-Ibadan expressway which make the market one of the popular market in Osun state




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